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http://moveselfahead.blogspot.com is a simple and practical start up programme for women.

Many women want to and are keen to start a simple business. 

They do not want anything heavy duty, takes away many hours,  that is light "weight", filled with fun and easy to do anytime and every time that opportunity allows. 

Home Based Party Plan Business has for the past seventy years, brought plenty of advances, changes, growth and "internationalism" even with house wives. They all started on a ground floor opportunity as as Party Plan Hostesses. They work their own available hours. They work within their own homes, and homes of other families, relatives and many others who ask for the same.

Some stretch themselves into offices as well. 
http://wonwedwom.blogspot.com . www.facebook.com/perfumewell are such activities for women.  It is easy as finding four friends to sit together, have coffee, some bites and 40 minutes of chit chat. Some women find www.facebook.com/thiruslivelifewell more challenging. One can individualise.

Our BUSINESS START and OWNERSHIP session includes valuable information ranging from getting started, knowing what to do daily, progressively moving forward, attracting more people, encouraging change and the practicals of differing sorts go on. 

You get know more than the above and also discover at this OPPORTUNITY INVITATION.
Kindly call K Thiru at 016-3712762

Self-employment is working for self. Self-employed people DO NOT HAVE A EMPLOYER. 
They work for themselves. They manage self and not allow others to manage them and their life. Their income is from a business that they choose to do.
Being self-employed is in a way different from being a business owner. The self employed person does the day-to-day operations of the business, himself or herself, like any worker would. A business owner would engage staff to do what need to be done and may not even be involved in the business.
http://uivwinlife.blogspot.com is another one like the above that teaches you to be Self Employed.

                                                        MOVE SELF AHEAD Business Ownership Training programme: 25th Feb. 2018  
Details of programme as in posting dated 27.11.17 
To know more. To register for the day’s programme:- 
Call K Thiruselvam @ 016-3712762 
Make your cheque for RM1850/= payable to 
K Thiruselvam (510703-10-5985)
@ CIMB 50-0083951-2
Mail: P O Box 1120, jalan Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Monday, 27 November 2017



25th February 2018
9am- 5pm
Petaling Jaya.
Truly motivated people do not wait. They move on. They find out. They swing into action at the soonest instance and correct their journey and check their progress as they move on. 
Today there is an opportunity for you to get started. 
From day one of your decision to get started, and from your involvement in a full day introduction, continued training and the step by step process explained there is almost no limit to what you experience, learn and progressively teach yourself to be a business owner with a growing business.  You discover within thirty days, why this course turned out to be FREE. 
Getting Started:-
Starting My Own Business: This one day course will walk you through. You get to discover the skills and resources that you already have and just needs grooming. 

Top 10 Things You Must Have to Start a Business: Take a walk through the essential components of starting your own business. 

Discover where you want to go, how to remain inspired, what is the next big thing to be done, making creative and brilliant moves, marks of good entrepreneurship, beginning; succeeding, and to understand and get the keys to unlock your small business' potential and expand by exploiting an opportunity existing and ready in the market. 

Marketing by creating; maximising on your time and energy and getting people talk about your business, delve into the ins and outs of managing self, product and services, maximising on niches and marketing mix, taking care of competition right where you want them, learning how to establish strong relationships with customers and building upon your strengths, beliefs and understanding. 

General coverage including self evaluation, getting introduced to expansion opportunities, understanding what kills new businesses and what are the possible sources of failure avoidance; and in spread of six hours, you'll learn about how to conduct your own business, succeed in your own business and prove to yourself and your customers that your company cares.
  • This full day COURSE is scheduled in Petaling Jaya from 8.30am.
  • The programme is limited to twenty participants.(acceptance into the course is only after a preliminary interview to qualify suitability)
  • All participants benefit from one full year's extended coaching, guidance including real life field practical training.
  • All participants get a take away folder of materials.
  • All participants get an introductory bag of consumables worth *RM1,700/=* for self or family consumption.
  • "EXCLUSIVE PRIVILEGE" of three months JOHARA SKIN CARE PRODUCTS and practicals worth RM2,500/= to RM3,000/= (available to all or the qualified few of the 20 trainees)
  • 52 weekly SELL WELL A4 lessons by mail. 
  • 52 weekly NOTICE BOARD NOTES A4 lessons by mail on self management, and managerial skills.
  • Lunch and two coffee breaks included. 
  • Fees: RM1850/=  

To know more. To register for the day’s programme:- 
Call K Thiruselvam @ 016-3712762 
Make your cheque for RM1850/= payable to 
K Thiruselvam (510703-10-5985)
@ CIMB 50-0083951-2
Mail: P O Box 1120, jalan Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Content updated 28.10.2017

MOVE SELF AHEAD is a business START-UP initiative.

Male and Female candidates aged above 22
get coaching, guidance and training to start,own, progress and succeed in their own business at their own pace. 
Attend, Participate, Discover and get started. SEVERAL aspects of a beginner business challenges get to be introduced, discussed, questioned and analysed for a better understanding of what awaits the business interest beginners.
You may call yourselves as trainees, community representatives, business promoters or beginner entrepreneurs.  https://www.smore.com/tf1w1 also helps as a capsule illustration. 
  • No experiences required. 
  • Training is provided. 
  • Students waiting to graduate, employees awaiting retirement, housewives or working mothers, the retired and others are welcome. 
  • Anyone in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is welcome to call, ask and know more if the introduction session. 
  • Venue: Varies from Petaling jaya to Sri kembanga, Banting, Selangor at large and other Malaysian states. Always ....with an appointment.
  • Call 016-3712762. 
  • Confirm date and hour with Mr K Thiru. 
This is a  beginners step by step progress pathway into your own business. It will be for a continuing twelve months and the FEES is effort, interest and passion to learn.

Commencing in Petaling Jaya. MOVE SELF AHEAD and GO DIAMOND 
training programmes to help any individual get started with their own business. 
MOVE SELF AHEAD is on Wednesday afternoons for the benefit of stay home mothers, 
women on shift employ, the retired and others. 
GO DIAMOND on Saturday afternoons is for the employed and others. 
This is not just class room training, but includes field coaching, and guiding, 
confidence and self esteem building, practicals on person to person basis
 and income generating created situations. 
Everyone starts equal, from the ground up and 
everyone has the same destination. 
Contact K Thiruselvam @ 016-3712762 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

MOVE SELF AHEAD is looking for Independent Agents in Selangor. This is an independent entrepreneurial position. Entrepreneurs are responsible for selling products and services across Malaysia. 
“We are here in this business to train,work
 and build your business”

Here is where you step in. As an independent, you will be able to sell either nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and perfumes, skin care or home health cleaning system. You get to be trained in direct selling, party plan business approach as well as the now growing network marketing or MLM for short.

You may have or do not have field or relevant sales experience. 
You may have or do not have the desire to build a financially successful finance career as an Independent. You may want to work  from your home, within your community,district, state or where you please. 
Training is provided. Coaching and practicals are abundant.
Incentives are plenty. 

Call: K Thiru at 016-3712762 
email: moveselfahead@gmail.com 

http://wonwedwom.blogspot.com empowers women.
http://2ndincometraining.blogspot.com prepares you 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Everyday we have a choice .........     to create something new.

GO AHEAD.                                                     CREATE SOMETHING NEW and something better for yourself and others. 

This is your opportunity and don't miss out

  • Opportunity for huge profits 
  •  low start up costs, minimal overhead, no inventory of stock
  • Training Provided
  • Fully Flexible and Portable
  • Marketing Systems and Business System Developed
  • Fully Accredited Product Line
  • In Demand Product
  • Mentoring By Successful Business Owners. 
  • Simple System
  • Work Your Own Hours
Become part of a non-traditional business in times when non-traditional may be the only way forward. Create your own level of success financial and time freedom. Our Lucrative Income Plan, working from the principles observed in the secret (the law of attraction), can assist you to achieve your financial goals & lifestyle dreams.




To know more and to register for MOVE SELF AHEAD programme, contact K Thiruselvam @ 016-3712762  
email: moveselfahead@gmail.com  

K. Thiruselvam has been in the sales arena since 1974. Starting his career as a Print Apprentice in 1969, his switch to being an independent Commission Agent in 1974, and then as a Sales Representative and finally as Corporate Sales Manager in 1994. His sales activities has been varied from printing services to that of household and corporate products, pharmaceuticals and training programmes. His delivery skills, presentation methods, and materials are interesting and have plenty of added values. His in house training assignments have taken him into FELDA marketing Division, Malaysian Institute of Management, Bata Malaysia, Golf clubs and others.  

Friday, 10 February 2017

How do we find the courage to do so?                 Where will the self conviction come from?

We all need the help, to work out why we are stuck?  We do get frustrated about being stuck in my life. Others our age seem to be moving forward. Why?

We find our jobs and generally about life as being stressful, dragging and pulling us down, and yet within us is a floating cork that keeps nudging us to change career, take on challenges, get out and win, and urging us to stand up and be a stand out. To seek and achieve freedom. To go on and pursue our dreams. We have within an urge to take action. Move on. To rid frustrations.

The basic issue for plenty of us is that we are stuck with lack of self esteem. Only when you know, you are shown, you are made to see so, that you can DO, and when you trust yourself and believe in yourself, then you will. 

The "brooming" from young is that "you can't". That ingrained doubt needs to be erased .... takes time...takes patience... takes courage. This "odd" belief, however, is just in your mind. That's all it is - a belief. A bunch of thoughts that have created blocks in your thoughts, process and energy system. Like a big rock on the road....in your pathway. It is imposing. It is terrorising. It makes you think that you need to lift it all by yourself. It paralyzes.

Thoughts of climbing over, walking around it, wedging it aside or seeking help to push it off does not arise. What needs doing is clear up issues within, regain confidence, eliminate doubts, have someone plant courage and confidence and help you erase negativism. The pencil does not correct its mistakes. An eraser does. 

Clear the issues that drown and cripple. Do this to tap into the strength and self worth that you do have, that is really there and are  just covered up right now. Rid the wrong self perceptions. Rid that belief in pessimism. Work on your self esteem that will reinstate self believe. Build up your self esteem. Begin to feel your inner strength. Get in touch with who you really are. Freedom comes from within. Belief comes from within. YOU create your life. 

The leading page in MOVE SELF AHEAD is building a business. The workshops, practicals and spread participation sessions over 12 months grooms self confidence, nurtures courage and convictions of belief in self.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Do You Have What It Takes 
to Move Ahead?
  • You’ve held the same job position for some time now. 
  • You believe that you have performed your duties well (in fact, you’ve consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty) and that you’ve proven yourself a valuable member of your team and your organization..... and yet not getting anywhere.
  • You’d like to move ahead, but wondering how should you proceed?

MOVE SELF AHEAD training programme  is a no risk programme for anyone who wants to take on the challenge. It is excellent for the self initiated and one gets to be coached in a self paced step by step action plan. MOVE SELF AHEAD is a step up skills developer for business lovers, beginners and the non initiated. You assess as you progress over 52 weeks. You get to develop and enhance your skills. 
  • Understanding your business and becoming business savvy
  • Manage change
  • Communicate better and strategically
  • Juggling new assignments and current responsibilities
  • Leading and working in teams
The following self-assessment will help you rate the skills that are essential for your initiated business to grow and to improve self proficiency at those skills. These serve as the basis for a business development discussions in your progressive path. 

*understand your business.  *Becoming business savvy.  *Know your strategy               * Explain your business ideology to others   *Define your role    *Using current skills            * Develop new skills   *Knowing the controllable and not controllable factors          *Managing change  *Your responsibilities   *accepting uncertainties  *Being positive and proactive  * new and different processes   
* initiating ideas  *innovate   *facilitate                                                                                              *influence   *communicate   *demonstrate                                                                                        * flexibility * time skills  *negotiate *influence  

 Benefits for MOVE SELF AHEAD course participants 
  •   All participants benefit from one full year's extended coaching, guidance and practical training. 
  •   All participants get a take away folder of materials. 
  •   All participants get an introductory bag of consumables worth *RM1600/=   
  •   52 weekly A4 ”SELL WELL” lessons by mail.
  •     52 weekly A4 ”SELF DEVELOP NOTES” lessons by mail on self and general managerial skills. 
  •  Coffee and lunch breaks included. 
                             Contact K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762                                      

                         http://uivwinlife.blogspot.com also has details.
      **Fees: RM1850/= 
make your cheque or payment for RM1850/= payable to
   K.Thiruselvam (510703-10-5985) @ CIMB 80-0083951-2)

Training Venue: Sami Direct (M) Sdn Bhd

            Level 7, Tower One, Jaya 33,
            Jalan Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
MAIL: P O Box 1120, Jalan semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
**Price differentiation may vary from location to location. 

http://wonwedwom.blogspot.com empowers women.
http://2ndincometraining.blogspot.com prepares you